Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paper Mache Candy Corn Tree

                                             Designed and Created by Sarah Owens for Craft Warehouse

Candy Corn Tree

Shopping List
· Paper Mache large and medium cones
· White & black Acrylic paint
· Black Chalk paint
· 12x12 orange & yellow scrapbooking paper
· 2 yards of ribbon of your choice
· 2 small clay pots
· 2 dowel wood rods
· Styrofoam balls 2 - 4” round & 1– 3” round
· Beacon Hold the foam glue & glue gun
1. Start by painting the clay pots with black chalk paint.
2. Then paint the wood dowels black
3. Paint the tip of each cone with white acrylic paint. Paint 2 to 3 coats allowing it to dry between painting.
4. Create a pattern for each cone by opening up the cones and trace the cone shapes on to paper. Once you have a outline re-tape the cones or glue the cones back to their original form.
5. Cut out your paper to fit the cone by using the template you just created.
6. Glue your paper to the cone using a glue gun.
7. Wrap ribbon around the cone to hide any seams.
8. Cut one of the 4” Styrofoam balls in half. Place ball into clay pot with the flat side facing up. This will create a flat surface for your candy corn to cover the top.
9. Stick the dowel into each of the foam balls and glue using “Hold the foam”
10. Then place the dowel into each clay pot through the foam and glue.
11. Once dry at your cones to the top and glue cones down using “Hold the foam”
12. Finish by sprinkling candy corn on the top of the clay pots.

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