Thursday, April 25, 2013

Love Love Love Canvas Projects

We all love Pinterest, but it's time to stop searching for ideas and start creating in real life!

Use our projects as a tool: replicate the project entirely, tweak it with your favorite colors and embellishments or use it as a starting point for something even more amazing! No matter what your 'crafting' skill level, there's a project here for you!

 Here are the tools you will need to create your stencil template:
  • Fiskers Precision  knife
  • Steel Ruler or ruler with steel edger
  • Blank Stencil Sheet
  • Sharpie fine point marker
  • Cutting Matt

Start by printing your letters "LOVE" In Rockwell Bold font, size 475
Then place the letters under the stencil and trace then with a Sharpie. 
Notice How the "O" in Love is tilted?

 Cut out your stencil with precision knife. Make sure your letters connect and save the inside of the "O" and "V"

  • 12"x12" Black Canvas
  • Martha Stewart Extra Fine Glitter or Darice Rhinestones
  • Foam Brush .75" wide
  • Beeswax pick up stick (helps with bling project, find in Jewelry Department)

 To create "Bling" or "Glitter" LOVE simply trace your stencil with the yellow watercolor pencil on to canvas. Then Use Martha Stewart Glitter Glue and foam brush to add your bling or glitter.

  • 12"x12" Deep White Canvas
  • Montana Gold "Red" Spray paint
  • 2 - Darcie Battery Powered teeny lights
  • Removable pop-dots or tape 
  • Small Nail & hammer
  • Duck Tape
  • Cardboard or Styrofoam for support when you hammer nails into canvas
To Create "Lit Up" LOVE tape down your outer stencil placing the center of the "O" and "V" and the space between the L & O. once secured on the canvas Spray paint red. Once dry remove your stencil. Place Styrofoam or cardboard under canvas for support. Then hammer small holes for your mini lights to go through. Poke light through the holes then tape battery pack to the back of your canvas.

Tip: If you place one battery pack inside in the bottom corners this will help you canvas hang straight.

To get our free Light Up My Love Canvas project sheet visit our website here!

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