Saturday, April 6, 2013

What's in a Number DIY Canvas


We all love Pinterest, but it's time to stop searching for ideas and start creating in real life!

Use our projects as a tool: replicate the project entirely, tweak it with your favorite colors and embellishments or use it as a starting point for something even more amazing! No matter what your 'crafting' skill level, there's a project here for you!

Created by Marcy Williams for Craft Warehouse
  • 48"x60" White Canvas
  • Delta Ceramcoat acrylic metallic silver paint
  • Art Advantage acrylic iridescent silver, black, white & Indian red oxide
  • Mdf numbers (for tracing)
  • Yellow watercolor pencil
  • .5" brush for painting numbers & 1-2" brush for canvas back ground 

    Download the free  What is a Number DIY Canvas instructions here.

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