Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Arm Knitting Scarves

Arm Knitting is a hot new trend that is easy and fun! You do not need any needles and it is perfect for any age whether you have knitted before or not! Here are two of our new favorite designs!

Starbella and Starry Night Yarns are made by Premier. The Starbella ( red and orange) by itself is one skein. Cast on six stitches. Work all the Starbella. Starbella and Starry Night red and gold infinity scarf (1 strand each) are cast on seven and work all Starbella. You will have extra Starry Night left. Tie ends together to create an Infinity Scarf.

Magnum is made by Cascade Yarns and Passion Chunky is made by James Brett. It is the cream wool with little bit of variegated blue scarf. Measure off approximately 30 yards ( twice) of each Magnum and Passion Chunky, working 2 strands of each cast on  five stitches. Work all yarn.

Follow the video below to learn how to Arm Knit!

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