Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Flower Power Glow in the Dark Rubber Band Bracelet

When I saw the Glow-in-the-Dark loom bands at the Salem Craft Warehouse I grabbed them fast! I couldn't wait to try them out! How totally fun! One thing you need to either before or after you are finished is carefully place the bands near light.

*Note: do not get too close to a light bulb with your loom bands! They will burn! Always do this step with an adult!

This bracelet was created on a loom using the Rubber Band Loom Crafts Book and "Butterfly Blossoms Bracelet" on page 17.

Please note that the cover of this book has changed with our last shipment and you might see a different cover in stores. The inside bracelets and crafts along with the title of the book have not!

This bracelet is so much fun to make using the glow in the dark bands! After making sure the bracelet has been exposed to enough light, have fun checking out your new design in the dark!

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