Friday, January 24, 2014

Project Life Flea Market Mini Kit by Design Team Member Charissa Miller

Hi everyone!  Charissa here today to share a spread in my Project Life album!  I got to work with the Maggie Holmes Flea Market Mini Kit, which is simply gorgeous and perfect since I have two little girls that love lace, flowers, and all things pretty.  I challenged myself to use my journaling cards from the kit in a variety of different ways across the pages to make the spread interesting and fun.

I used a Design A and a Design B page protector on this spread, which gave me lots of options for photo orientation and decoration.  I like to play with a variety of photo sizes and shapes (square and rectangular) in my spreads to give them lots of interest.  I do try to balance my colors across the two sides of the spread, so it is easy to look at and take it all in. 

I very much enjoy adding extra embellishments to my Project Life spreads, but I don't always want to add much bulk, because then the pages don't lay nicely in my album.  I came up with a new idea while working on this spread!  I could punch out small circles from some of the cards in the core kit to create embellishments.  Here I overlapped a circle cut from a text card using a 1/2" punch onto some washi tape and added a Becky Higgins Project Life sticker to complete the embellishment cluster.  This adds some fun and interest to the card while adding almost no bulk!

Silhouette Cameo (a digital cutting machine available at Craft Warehouse stores) cuts are fun and I realized there was absolutely no reason why I couldn't take a Project Life card and run it through my Cameo.  I came across the Hearts and Stripes card from Loni Stevens in the Silhouette store I knew it would make a great addition to my spread.  I cut the 3x4 design onto a 4x6 card so that I could be 100% positive that the entire cut would fit and I wouldn't accidentally waste a card.

I like adding little titles all over my spread - a lot of time each story will have its own title - and the little Becky Higgins' Project Life grey alpha stickers are the perfect size for titles on the journaling cards.  She also has arrows, day banners, and asterisks - all which are great for adding that last little touch of embellishment.

I like using labels on my Project Life spreads as well and it dawned on me that cutting a journaling card into thirds would create a great label to put along the edge of a photo.  I used the grey Becky Higgins Project Life alphabet stickers again to create a title and used the gorgeous pink Slick Writer pen for my journaling.

Finally, journaling cards make perfect pieces for layering on another card or behind a photo.  Here, I started with the navy polka dot 4x6 card from the Flea Market core kit and then built on it with 3 additional 3x4 cards before adding my photo.  The lined card as the top layer gave me space to add my journaling.

Hope these ideas inspire you to find ways to stretch your core kit cards in new ways!  It is easy to forget that they are another form of paper and can be used for much more than just writing or basic embellishment!  

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