Friday, January 3, 2014

Sunshine Core Kit Project Life Pages by Design Team Member April Orr

Hello!! April here, from momruncraft. I LOVE all things pretty paper and pen related. Project Life pretty much rocked my socks and completely changed the way I look at keepsaking my family's memories. Prior to Project Life, I was a scrapbooking goods collector. I have many neatly stacked piles of paper and goodies sitting in the garage, allllll of which I tell myself I use "one day"…and then came along this new pocket page system of scrapbooking. I was intrigued. It looked easy enough. It was love at first sight. More than anything, I love the flexibility of Project Life. You can make it anything you want: daily, weekly, monthly. You can simply use the journal cards and a pen, or you can spice them up as little or as much as you want. For this particular post, I did a little of everything using the Sunshine Core Kit. I have to say, this kit is so so versatile. There are endless color combinations and styles for your layouts. One of my favorite things to do to switch things up and make things a little bit more fun is to cut up and trim extra journal cards to use as embellishments: faux washi, speech bubble, banner flags, layering…so much fun.
The Project Life days of the week stickers make journaling that much easier. The Design F page protector makes is easy to fit an entire week into one page. I collage six small photos onto one 5 x 7 and it merits me six 2 x 2-ish photos. CW1       Super easy, super quick insert. Instagram photo + 4 x 6 card trimmed to fit + DIY speech bubble card = done in about ten minutes or less. CW1a          Red, blue, gray, and black. The number of color combinations in this kit made me swoon. When I can, when I remember, I always love to include ticket stubs or receipts- they tend to tell the story better than I can. I also love knowing the looks of each will change so greatly over time. CW2           For the speech bubble card: I hand stenciled and cut, the more imperfect, the better. Fun way to use up extra cards and fun way to insure that it matches your layout for the week. CW2a             A layout using Sunshine that was done a little earlier in the year but showcases the variety and versatility of this kit. I am obsessed with the heart and stars cards. LOVE them. CW3        Both the "This is our story" and "pink heart" cards are actually bi-folds. If I don't cut them in half to use as journal cards, I love to use them in the 4 x 6 slots as mattes for smaller photos. Don't throw those bad boys away, they are some of the cutest cards... CW3a

CW3b            One last photo of the speech bubble cards, my go-to journal method for funny stories or funny things my boys say:   CWspeechbubble           Join me Monday, as I show you how I create these speech bubble cards! See you then!

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  1. All of these tips are fabulous and I love your PL style! REALLY really cute stuff!


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