Friday, January 10, 2014

Organize Your Space by Design Team Member Cathy Vongnaraj

One of my "resolutions" is de-clutter my space and organize a lot more effectively, so what better way to start this year off by showing you how I organize the various tidbits in my craft room.
photo 1
I am a typical project lifer, so the things I use are mobile, small sized, and usually found in the kitchen section. For stamps, I use a white storage box from Ikea. I like to "file" through my stamps. The older ones or less used stamps are in my gold and pink binder I found at Target. I use Staples sleeves to hold the stamps. Baseball card ones work great for smaller stamps.
photo 3
photo 2
For my gazillion Project Life cards, I use the "file" system as well, but this time I take a medium size tag and label the kits and file by core kits.
photo 6
For bulky stamps like date stamps, and rubber stamps with handles, I use a colanders and a plastic sectioned container you can find at the Container store or Target. The snowflake one was also found at Target during the holiday season.
photo 7
photo 8
photo 9 For even tinier tidbits like flair, paper clips, tags, etc - I put this in the top part of my Raskog cart and use little condiment dishes I found at Pier 1 Imports. The holiday ones I grabbed at Target.
photo 10 
I snapped this photo to show my December Daily assortment (which I am still working on). I found the metal tin dishes at a local antique store. They are mini jello dishes and PERFECT for wood veneers and tags/labels.
photo 11
I also use sequins - and I absolutely love the egg storage I found at Anthropologie. Its very pricey but I get a lot of use out of it.
photo 12 For my media station, I found this wooden box at Home Goods. Any wooden box would do, but I like the large storage since I can add multiple things in one section.
photo 13
For tiny buttons and other trimmings, I use the small jars. I label them with pretty washi and my label maker. Large mason jars are great for twine with wooden spools.
photo 14 And lastly, I use this bead plastic storage container you can find at Craft Warehouse in their jewelry section to sort all you wooden veneers. I am a little OCD when it comes to wooden alphas so I sort them by letter!!!
photo 15 
I thank you for taking a peek into my craft room - I hope this post inspired you to organize your room or maybe even find some other different ways to store your goodies! 

Craft Warehouse Project Life Design Team Member


  1. Awesome ideas! I just bought myself a label maker for Christmas and I'm very interested in learning how you were able to use the washi tape with it! So much fun! :)

    1. Hi Mendi!! What I did was put the washi down first, and then used a clear label maker and laid it on top! So its 2 layers :)


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