Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Canvas Corp Cabinet Board Home Decor

Create these trendy Canvas Corp Home Decor Frames by adding some simple scrapbooking paper with other items to make it just your style!

                                                Designed and Created by Sarah Owens for Craft Warehouse

#1 Cabinet board
  • use 2 12x12  Canvas Corp Chevron Paper. Cut paper to fit the inside of your cabinet board.
  • glue down to the front of your cabinet board using Pioneer Glue stick
  • Rub on your Vinyl Words "Welcome" vinyl following the directions on the package.
  • glue canvas corp burlap flower to your frame using E6000 glue
#2 Frame with Monogram
  • Take the glass out of your 12x12 frame.
  • glue canvas corp paper to the back of your frame
  • Paint your wood letter white using acrylic paint
  • glue your letter to your paper using E6000 glue

#3 Cabinet Board
  • glue 3 square plaques to your cabinet board using E6000 glue
  • cut 3 4x4 squares to cover your plaques, then glue to the front of your plaques with Pioneer glue stick
  • glue a mini clothes pin to the front of each plaque using E6000 glue
  • Drill 3 holes in the front of you plaque and add your decorated knobs

#4 Cabinet Board
  • cut your magnetic sheet to fit the inside of your plaque
  • glue down to the front of your cabinet board using E6000 glue
  • cut paper to cover the metal sheet and glue down using Pioneer glue stick
  • make glass gem magnents

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