Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa's Sleigh Glass Block Set

Santa's Sleigh Glass Block Set
Shopping list:
4 large glass blocks
Santa's sleigh and reindeer vinyl (Vinyl Words)
String of white cord Christmas lights 100 count
snow filler
1 yard red string
Red bling (used 5 different styles)

Clean glass blocks
place vinyl on the front of each block (make sure opening is on the bottom of your block)
ad-hear red bling to the front of the blocks
add filler & Christmas lights
last add string to connect all the blocks together.
Tip: Place where you would like to display before adding lights and string. We added a table cloth and boxes to elevate the glass blocks.


  1. I love this! Now I have to make one for my house this Christmas. Where can I find the image of Santa in the sleigh with the reindeer?

    1. Thanks! At


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