Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wood Star Trays

Make it a shiny holiday with our wood star trays! There are so many fun ways to use these and here are just a few ways that are our favorites!

Wood Star Holiday Trays @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #christmas #holiday #decor #diy

"Let Heaven and Nature Sing" Large Wood Star Tray

  • Large Wood Star Tray
  • "Let heaven and nature sing" vinyl by Vinyl Words
  • Moss
  • Bird
  • Glue Gun
  1. Place vinyl in the inside of the star tray.
  2. Add moss using glue gun but be very careful you don't burn your fingers!
  3. Then glue in the bird.

"We wish you a Merry Christmas"

  • Medium Wood Star Tray
  • 3 sets of 8 count mini battery operated darice lights
  • "We wish you a Merry Christmas" Vinyl by Vinyl Words
  • 12x12 red Christmas paper from Echo Park
  • Yard of Jute String
  • Drill
  • Beacon 3in1 Glue
  • Glue Gun
  1. Place Vinyl on the front of the star.
  2. Drill 24 small holes so your lights will fit through the hole. Make sure you aren't drilling holes to far apart so the lights can reach.
  3. Poke lights through each hole then from behind glue in with glue gun.
  4. Cut paper to fit the sides of the star and glue on using Beacon glue.
  5. Wrap Jute around star and tie.

Wood Star Holiday Trays @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #christmas #holiday #decor #diy

Wood Star Trio Center Piece

  • large, medium and small wood star
  • 2 unfinished wood candle sticks
  • Red and dark brown acrylic paint
  • 1" wood screw
  • wood glue
  1. Paint candle sticks with red acrylic paint.
  2. Dry brush dark brown to give it a weathered look
  3. Drill a wood screw from the medium star bottom into the wood candle holder.
  4. Drill a wood screw from the large wood star bottom into the other wood candle holder.
  5. Using wood glue, glue the bottom to the middle and the middle to the top.
*add lights, candle and garland to create a beautiful center piece.

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