Monday, October 27, 2014

Paper Mache Santa and Elf Cones

Paper Mache cones are fun for any occasion! These holiday cones will give your table scape or mantel a bit of whimsy!

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Elf Cone


Large Paper Mache Cone
Darice matt red bell
Green Felt
White Acrylic Paint
Round Foam Sponge (used for stenciling)
Glue Gun


1. Cut the top of your cone about a .25” , this will give you a flat surface for your bell to rest.

2. Twist wire through the hole in the bottom of the bell.

3. Place a little glue at the top of the cone, then place wire through the top of the hat so the bell sits even with the top.

4. Once glue has dried flip the cone over and from the bottom of the cone shoot in more glue to adhere the wire to the sides of the cone.

5. Keep flipped over till glue is dry.

6. With a foam sponge and white acrylic paint, paint circle dots on to your cone. Let dry.

7. Cut your felt into 2 4” strips. Glue one end together to form one long strip using your glue gun.

8. Cut a zig zag pattern to create the bottom of the hat. Then glue to the bottom of the cone cutting off the extra felt.

Santa Cone


Large Paper Mache Cone
12x12 Red Dot Scrapbook Paper
Acrylic Paint “Flesh” Color
White large Pompoms
White Felt
Laura Crafts Wood Plug (nose)
Aleene’s Glitter Snow
Glue Gun & Beacon Fabric Tack Glue


1. Paint the bottom half of your cone and wood nose with “flesh” color acrylic paint. 3-4 coats.

2. Once paint is dry wrap red scrapbook paper around the cone. Cut paper to fit the cone leaving about 3” at the bottom of the cone for Santa's face.

3. Glue red paper to cone using your glue gun.

4. Cut your felt to cover the top of the hat slightly and cut out the oval shape where Santa's face will go.

5. Glue on felt to cone using Beacon fabric glue.

6. Cut of the top of the cone so it’s a flat surface and glue on the large pompom with glue gun.

7. Glue nose on to cone using fabric tack. And 2 black dots for eyes.

8. Last you are going to scoop on Glitter snow to Santa's felt beard, make it as fluffy as you would like and let cure over night.

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